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    run script with "enter" keystroke

    on FMA11, How do you run script when user keystroke "enter"?

    I have a text field that ONLY when user keystroke an "enter" the script will run. nothing else matter.

    i tried
    1. OnObjectModify = script runs right after first letter typed/modified = not good
    2. OnObjectValidate = script run even without "enter" keystroke = not good
    3. OnObjectEnter = script run right after field activate/ no "enter" keystroke necessary = not good
    4. OnObjectKeystroke = script run with any keystroke not just "enter" keystroke = not good
    5. OnObjectSave = i dont know what this for = definitely not good
    6. OnObjectExit = script run when exiting field not by 'enter" keystroke = not good

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    Re: run script with "enter" keystroke

    This is how you do it:
    4. OnObjectKeystroke = script run with any keystroke not just "enter" keystroke = not good
    YES good, if the first step in your script is to evaluate the results of Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke)).

    Enter is 10. (That's the REAL enter key, the one over to the far right on the numerical keypad). The Return key (the one above the right-hand Shift key) is 13.

    So if you only want your script to do something if Enter is pressed, the first thing you do is:

    If [Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke)) ≠ 10]
    .. Exit Script
    End If

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