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Thread: Value list help

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    Talking Value list help

    Hi all

    I am trying to have a value list using radio buttons that when you select your choice it will automaticaly add a value to another field, here is an example

    Value Silver $1
    Bronze $2
    Gold $3
    These would be using radio buttons
    then the selection would be added automaticaly into the total field where it can then calculate the taxes, and give a final total,

    Any help would be great or ideas


    I am using Filmaker Pro 10 Advanced on Windows 7

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    Re: Value list help

    YOu could create a table in the database for building the value list. each record will contain 2 fields: Medal, and Value (if that is indeed what bronze/silver/gold are.. medals) ...

    Anyways, 1 record per value, so in the example this table would have 3 records. Build your value list based on this using the field option when constructing it. You can choose the first field to be the $ amount field, second field (in the value list) will be the medal/label/name, ie bronze/silver/gold....

    So now when you attach this value list to a field, what you will actually be setting the field to is the chosen medal via the radio buttons.

    You haven't really given enough information on the rest of your solution to give any definite answer to summing them - are you having multiple sets of radio buttons the user chooses? Did you want them to choose more than 1 from the same value list? If so, you should be using check boxes instead of radio buttons - checkboxes allow multiple selection more easily than radiobuttons do.

    To sum the values, you could create a calculation field that just sums the individual fields you have the value list attached to, ie:

    Sum ( Field1 ; Field2 ; Field3; Field4..... Field10 )

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    Re: Value list help

    There will be only 3 values and what i want to do is take for example the silver package was checked then insert the 3 and 949 to the red spots below. or is there an easier way to do it ?

    Silver 3 Hours of service $ 949.00
    Gold 4 Hours of service $ 1149.00

    Diamond 5 Hours of service $ 1349.00

    50 For 3 Hours of service
    Per hour Overtime

    Deposit Required 200 ( willl be a constant i can do this)

    Sub Total 949.00

    Amount Owing

    i hope this helps

    thnx Jenga

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