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    Smile Introducing Myself

    Hi guys. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself because I have a feeling I'll be asking quite a lot of questions here (and hopefully, eventually, answering some too).

    I'm a Mac and iOS developer and an upcoming project will include a fairly extensive database. Because the people filling supplying the data are spread across differing devices and platforms and the client suggested using FileMaker Pro. I'm now rolling up my sleeves and getting to grips with it and, to be honest, having a blast.

    I can see quite a few other uses for FileMaker Pro beyond the current project so who knows, maybe I'll make it one of the element I offer through my business.

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    Re: Introducing Myself

    Welcome Simon. Looking forward to the questions.
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    Re: Introducing Myself

    Brief introduction on Myself.

    Finally, manage to ease myself into this wonderful forum. If before this my development using Filmaker were light weight. Mostly automation of various Excel worsheets. This year hope to secure fully-back server-based development. We had been aggresive in promoting & making official presentation to various parties on advantage of iOS apps using Filemaker. Thus, felt this would be the breaking for bountiful years ahead.

    Thus, would sincerely appreciate any handful hands that willing to assist & guide me to best solutions.


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