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Thread: D is for dialog

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    D is for dialog

    Latest blog post available now:

    The A–Z of FileMaker: D

    D is for dialog

    A dialogue (or dialog) is a conversation, talk, discussion or chat.
    In computer terms, a dialog box (or simply, dialog) is a small window that communicates with the user, giving them options (via buttons) or allowing responses (as text).


    Comments or questions welcome.

    Just a quick challenge BEFORE you read the article -- will this script work OK?

    Show Custom Dialog
    [ Title: "New Project"; Message: "Do you want to create a new project?" ]
    Go to Layout [ “Project_C” (Project_C) ]
    Show All Records
    Show Omitted Only
    If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 // Yes to creating a new project ]
    New Record/Request
    End If
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