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    beware of data loss when scripting portal row deletion in FM 16

    read this article carefully, take error handling seriously:


    h/t to Christian Schmitz of Monkeybread Software

    Before using FileMaker 16.0.1 in production, please verify that your scripts that interact with portals also contain error checking to ensure that the correct portal is active before modifying or deleting data.
    Set Error Capture [On]
    Go to Object [Object Name: “Portal B”]
    If [ Get(LastError) ≠ 0 ]
    Exit Script [Get(Last Error)]
    Go to Portal Row [Select:On ; First]
    If [ Get(LastError) = 0 and Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) = "Portal B"]
    Delete Portal Row [With Dialog: Off]
    End If
    End If
    Thank you for your patience while FileMaker, Inc. works on a resolution.
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