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Typography 101 for great looking FileMaker UI's and Apps

Welcome back to our Design series for FileMaker developers. Typography is an ancient discipline concerned with how the formation of letters and words affect usability, readability, and beauty. Making the right typography choices can give your app a feel of accuracy, crispness, and polish. Bad typography choices, on the other hand, are distracting and tend to call attention to themselves.

FileMaker User Interface Design – Time for a change

From our affilate partners Joe and the team at the Scarpetta Group...be sure and visit the site at the link below for much more indepth material on design, that you will not find anywhere else.

As long as I can remember databases have had labels and field boxes, and that goes back to the days of Claris Works, FileMaker 2.1. and others as well, at least when the GUI started to take over. Even this blog post is typed into a scrolling field box.  Field boxes have their place, but not in every place, the same goes for field labels.  They have been handled so many ways, label to the left, flush left, flush right, top, in field, you get the picture. Both of them take up space and now with new tools there are so many ways we can use them less.

Button Up 2: Building State-Aware FileMaker Buttons

Our previous post highlighted the new capabilities of the venerable FileMaker button. In FileMaker 12’s Design Surface, the once-humble button gains new-found expressive power, enabling it to respond fluidly to user hovers, taps, and clicks via what we termed interactive formatting. The catch: interactive buttons — whether in FileMaker 12, or on any other platform — are prone to semantic misinformation, in which interactive formatting unintentionally misleads and confuses users.

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