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Popovers in FileMaker 13 Portals

26 Aug 2014: fixed minor bug in “tab control in a portal” demo and updated article text.

The popover object in FileMaker 13 presents developers with a wealth of new design opportunities (a number of which were discussed in this article: FileMaker 13 Popovers). But if you’ve tried to use a popover inside a portal, you may have noticed that embedded portals, tab controls and slide controls within those popovers simply do not work as expected… or at all, for that matter.

Working with Portals – Part 3

Think of a portal as a window to a room.  You peer through the window and see some of what is in the room but until you get into the room, your view is limited.  A portal is the same except that its window is, generally, into another table.  (A portal to another TO of the same file is called a self join and is often used as a way of being able to navigate to other records without having to take the extra step of a find)

How to Create New Portal Records

When it comes to creating child records records in FileMaker we have a couple of different options available. The first is to enable “Allow creation of records via this relationship” on the relationship graph. This displays an empty set of fields in the last portal row so that the user can enter data and create a record. The second method is to create a button located outside the portal that creates a new record ready for the user to enter their data.

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