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The Unequal (non equijoin) Comparison Relationship In FileMaker

The official term is non equijoin but unequal sounds a little more descriptive to me. In FileMaker, the define relationship dialog box got a nice boost. You can have a choice of operators other than equal to ... for example you can have ...

Brief Introduction To FileMaker Multiple Predicate Relationships

In FileMaker 6, you could only setup a relationship that said "when this field equals equals this other field, you have yourself a valid relationship." If you wanted to throw a curve ball into the mix, you would need to be a little creative with the parent match field, the child match field or a combination thereof.

FileMaker Relationships That Range

A range relationship basically means that a starting value is determined ( either by data entry or via a calculation ) and an ending value is determined ( again either by data entry or a calculation ). FileMaker adds a new level to ranged relationships with the new comparison operators and multiple levels of matching criteria. Ranges can be built on almost any type of data but date range would likely be the most common. You will also see ranging relationships for numbers, time and even text. The matching records of a relationship range can be displayed in a portal or used to build a found set by using the GTRR command.
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