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The FileMaker Loop Script Step

FileMaker loop scripts will cycle  a  set  of  script  steps  over  and  over  again  until  it  receives  an  indication  to  exit  the  loop.  Scripts  with  loops  are  one  of  the  main  ways  to  have  FileMaker  perform  tedious  tasks  on  a  set  of  records.  Not only can they save time from performing tedious tasks, they also can ensure the data being processed is in the same format. Many times doing repetitive and redundant data entry, the data entry person will make a mistake strictly out of boredom.

FileMaker Success Tips Typical mistakes in decoupling scripts, 2 theme tools...

Welcome to the Best FileMaker Podcast on the internet! Lee Strong, with 20 years of database and FileMaker experience, and Dr. Andy Cohen, with 25 years experience in IT development for fortune 500 companies, discuss valuable tips and hard to find tricks which enhance developing applications in FileMaker Pro. This weeks podcast:

FileMaker's Allow User Abort Script Step

This is one of the more important script steps in regards to running a script in a highly controlled manner. The Allow User Abort script step either allows or does not allow the end user to cancel out of a script that is current running.
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