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Two Value List Functions FM Function of the Week

Aah value lists. Reliever of the weary typist, protector of accuracy, usher to the chooser. Well concieved and implemented value lists are, despite my trifling tone, extremely useful in almost any database. In the process of rebuilding and improving an aing system recently, I was tasked with reimagining a layout with about 20 fields, each bearing a pop-up list with its own unique value list. In practice, any given record in this database had information in 5 to 8 of those 20 fields. To make the whole thing more efficient, we decided to replace all those fields and pop-ups with a single portal. We also moved the static value lists into a dynamic and more user-friendly value list table.

FileMaker scripts: Identifying unique values in a list

[FMT Connect Link] Just wanted to share a really neat Value List Script from Brad Taylor and MacWorld Australia...

Given a long list of items, it’s often useful to distil it down to a unique set. This script imports a table, looks at the target field, and then displays two windows – one showing the first occurrence of each value in the target field, and the other showing subsequent occurrences of the value.


A person may present a simple Excel list of customer transactions (say, transactions.xlsx) and wishes to produce a list of customers. Using demo.fmp12, one would run the script (Scripts > Import…), select transactions.xlsx, drag target field down to customer name (as per the screenshot below) and then import. The result includes a window titled “First appearance of value” displaying a list of unique customer names.

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FIleMaker Success Tips - Checkbox valuelists, MDB Explorer and more

Welcome to the Best FileMaker Podcast on the internet! Lee Strong, with 20 years of database and FileMaker experience, and Dr. Andy Cohen, with 25 years experience in IT development for fortune 500 companies, discuss valuable tips and hard to find tricks which enhance developing applications in FileMaker Pro. This weeks podcast:

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