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How to do Hover Popovers in Filemaker 13 Webviewer

Featured How to do Hover Popovers in Filemaker 13 Webviewer

It's great to be able to build all kinds of things within FileMaker. It's those few times when you find yourself saying "I wish FileMaker could just do such and such".

Download Follow Along Attachment:  HoverPopovers.zip

Of course, once you come to the point where you realize that FileMaker has access to all these other great technologies, you find yourself saying "I wonder how", instead of "I wish". Along the way, someone comes upon some discovery which allows you to do more with FileMaker than was previously known. Sometimes, using a hack that the programmers of FileMaker never even intended, yet there it is, ready for you to use.

It's actually pretty funny that much of what FileMaker users/developers stumble upon are unintended features by the FileMaker engineers. Then, somewhere down the road, these features become integrated as native functionality.

Well, one of those features is support for a hover event. While FileMaker doesn't offer them natively, you can certainly do this within a web browser. Combine the fact that FileMaker can trigger scripts using a url and you now have Hover Popovers and pretty much any other type of script being run as a result of hovering over a FileMaker object.

This video presents all the information needed to take advantage of hover based events. Even though it is sort of a hack.

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