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Meet ChartPoint - The Must Have FileMaker Dashboard - Chart Tool

Featured Meet ChartPoint - The Must Have FileMaker Dashboard - Chart Tool

The FMT Staff calls ChartPoint one of the hottest FileMaker Developer Tools for building Dashboards & Charts to come out in years! We have taken it for test drive after test drive and ChartPoint blew us away! Create new Custom dashboard elements in seconds! ChartPoint is the most user-friendly dashboard platform available.  ChartPoint provides seamless connectivity to multiple datasources. You can install the software and import large datasets in minutes.  Our platform has been designed to be incredibly easy-to-use for those generating the dashboards and for those with whom you share the results.   For detailed videos on how to use ChartPoint, touch or click here.

While we are careful to ensure the ease-of-use and efficiency of ChartPoint are unmatched; we believe that powerful features are equally important.  Integration with FileMaker is one of the most powerful ways to introduce advanced features while maintaining ease-of-use and an intuitive user-experience.

Dashboard Elements Wizard

ChartPoint supports a Drag&Drop user interface!  Simply move column headers around the interactive website and watch your data come to life.  Even the uploading process is done by dragging a file onto the webpage – the rest is automated.  It can also connect to FileMaker Solutions and MySQL databases.  Support for others is coming.

Create and share your Dashboard in three easy steps:

Providing detailed results from a single type of chart couldn’t be easier.  Simply select how you want the data individualized and you will be presented with up to 100 individual graphs and associated table data in seconds.  All of this can be easily distributed from a newly created URL which ChartPoint hosts from its built-in web server.

You may also export the results as a beautiful multi-page PDF!




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