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The FileMaker FieldRepetitions Function

The FieldRepetitions function gives you the number of repetitions and the orientation of a given repeating field on a layout. So if we had a repeating field using this function, we would see something like ( 4 horizontal ) or ( 4 vertical ). Now I do want to emphasis the importance of the layoutname parameter. Some user might make the mistake of putting in the table name, which will not work because this function is layout dependent. Also the returned result of repetitions is for the number of repetitions shown on the layout. This might be different than the overall number of repetitions available for a defined repeating field.

FieldRepetitions ( Get ( FileName ) ; Get ( LayoutName ); "repeating_field_1" )

Now, I tried experimenting to see if I could use get function for the various parameters to have a dynamic return. That is to say, show me what the results are for the current repeating field that I have the cursor within. The calculation looks like this ...

FieldRepetitions ( Get ( FileName ) ; Get ( LayoutName ) ; Get ( ActiveFieldName ) )

I did get this to work using the Data Viewer in FileMaker Advanced but not as a standard calculation field. However, I do think using the Data Viewer or as a branching indicator in a script would be the more traditional use of this design function.

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