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Validation Of FileMaker Data: Strict Data Type

The strict data type validation option is the first possible selection in the “Require” area of the validation dialog box. Strict Data Type validation allows you to make sure the data is a type of number, date or time. You can choose with of the three via a pull down menu.

The numeric only setting will not allow you to enter text characters into that field. You would normally use this validation in fields that are sorted (for reports) or perhaps used in calculation fields.

The 4-Digit Year only setting will not allow you to enter year information with 2 digits and will require you to use all 4 digits to describe a year. For example, 10/30/2004 could not be entered in as 10/30/04.

The 4-Digit Year Date option is something we all had to go through with the Y2K issue a number of years back. You might not think this is a problem with your database because all new dates will be 2000 and greater. This may be the case but I'd still recommend having your users enter in date information with 4 digits describing the year. If your database holds any historical date information ( like a birth date or the date that a building was erected ), FileMaker could interpret 30 as 2030 and not 1930. What FileMaker 7 will do is look at the 2 digits and guess what 4 digits you really want. If the 2 digit year is within 30 years of the current year, it will assume you mean in the future or the past 30 years. If the two digits is greater than 30 from the current 2 digit year, FileMaker will assume you are talking about a date in the past.

For example, if today is 10/30/2004 ... a date entered in as 01/01/01 is recognized at 01/01/2001 ... a date entered in as 01/01/25 is recognized at 01/01/2025... a date entered in as 01/01/45 is recognized at 01/01/2045.

The time of day validation is looking for time related information such as 04:25:57 for 4 hours, twenty five minutes and fifty seven seconds. For more information about how time data can be entered, take a look at our discussion on time fields.

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