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Global Navigation

Featured Global Navigation

Here is a tip on Global Navigation from Michael Rocharde. I made a video about this technique some time back which got over 500 views so you may well have seen it and adopted the technique in your FileMaker solutions but I’m re-visiting it now just in case you missed it the first time around.  

But first a caveat.  This will not get you to China nor anywhere else interesting; for that you need a plane and/or a GPS unit.  I do, however, apologize for the misleading title to this article.

This technique is about as simple as it can get in both its execution and implementation.  It simply requires you to add one repeating global field in your Admin table and a script with two lines of code.

In your admin table add  a global repeating field with as many repetitions as you are likely to have layouts that you are going to have to navigate to.  I call that field NavigationLabels

Global Navigation


For the sake of simplicity, I have broken it into banks of 5 repetitions and have numbered each repetition so I can quickly see which one I want to use.  In those repetitions, I enter the names of the layouts that I want to navigate to:


I’m going to use the repetition number as the script parameter in my navigation script which I call GlobalNavigation.

Global Navigation

As you can see I am using GetRepetition to go to the layout defined by the script parameter so, for example, the button that will take me to the Product Detail screen will have a script parameter of 1, etc.

That’s literally all there is to it except for the Adjustwindow subscript that adjusts the window to the right size.

I hope you find this useful.

Read more http://michaelrocharde.me/2014/08/18/global-navigation/