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5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy

Featured 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy

Many of our long time FMT forum members know that we focus heavily on the visual design aspects of interface design in everything we do FileMaker. Design Makes You & Lack Breaks You! Here is some really good food for thought for all of you that lack the design gene from our freind John Zeratsky at Google Ventures. In this article John points out the importance of crafting those "often forgot about" little bits of text in the UI design of software products.

For many technology companies, design is mysterious. So when I work with startups, I try to demystify design by talking about processes and skills. The idea is: Design is not a magical creative thing that designers are blessed to do. It's rational and objective, and the components are pretty easy to understand.

People are often surprised when I tell them writing is a design skill. I used to work with an excellent visual designer who hated being called a visual designer. His defense was, "Isn't all design visual?" Well, no. Most of our design work is expressed visually, but we use design to figure out all sorts of things: What a product does, how it works, and what it says. The last one--what our products say to the people who use them--continues to surprise me as one of the most important things we need to decide as designers.

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