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Azor - FileMaker Project Management

Featured Azor - FileMaker Project Management

FMT Developer Showcase...Azor is created using FileMaker's popular database is typically designed to offer a host of organizational tools aimed at helping businesses manage their administrative operations in an easier manner. This leaves both managers and subordinates with enough time and flexibility to focus on their human resources, products and services that are essential to keep your business running.

The Azor management software offers you un-rivaled features including a Customer Relationship Manager that allows you to enhance customer relationships and better manage documents such as invoices, quotes and cost estimates, and any other related areas of project management. Azor's FileMaker Project Management software allows you to track your employees' work hours on a real-time basis.

Azor is the ideal platform for a rapidly growing business as it gives the user the advantage to track employee logins based on the actual number of hours worked, which also includes a break up of tasks, projects, overtime, vacation and sick leaves, onsite meetings, and so on. This enables you to easily track and manage your employee costs. Azor can also supplement your growing business by allowing you to manage your data as the business grows. Now all your data will be stored in a single location, across platforms.

Azor allows you to generate reports, preplan projects, and have important or emergency contact details available on a speed dial style format. And as with any software built on FileMaker's foundation, you get a cross-platform software that can be used on a multitude of devices right from Windows desktops, to iOS platforms such as iPhones and iPads. And of the few rare software packages that that offer everything that a project management tool should, Azor has all of it and more.

Your business now has access to intuitive business solutions that will help you manage your projects and the various processes that are involved in ensuring smooth business operations. The Azor project management software is built on the FileMaker database business software. Azor is a flexible FileMaker Project Management platform in the world as it allows you to tailor your data according to you requirements.

Download Azor for a test ride here

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