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Beezwax Releases InspectorPro 4.1 for FileMaker 12

Beezwax Releases InspectorPro 4.1 for FileMaker 12 Beezwax Releases InspectorPro 4.1 for FileMaker 12

Beezwax Datatools, Inc. released InspectorPro 4.1, an update to the leading tool for analyzing FileMaker databases. Now developers can host InspectorPro on FileMaker Server for multi-user development teams to collaborate on database analysis. InspectorPro 4.1 is extendable, allowing developers to add scripts, layouts, file references and value lists to create custom workflows supporting their FileMaker development projects.

InspectorPro 4.1 also adds new Detection and Display types for Layout Objects, provides UI and performance improvements, and offers various fixes to address known issues. InspectorPro 4.1 is the first product version available for use with FileMaker 12 on Windows, and also updates the OS X version (released in July 2012).

"Whether you're a solo FileMaker developer, or a distributed team, InspectorPro 4.1 gives you more ways to benefit from database analysis in your development process," said Vincenzo Menanno, creator of InspectorPro and Director of FileMaker Development for Beezwax. "The new extendable and multi-user features in InspectorPro 4.1 translate to 'developer collaboration'. Your development workflow never needs to leave the comfort of FileMaker to use InspectorPro's centralized dashboard, in-depth reports and Script Universe visualizations."

InspectorPro 4 introduces the following features for FileMaker database analysis:
* Extendable - add scripts, layouts, file references and value lists to InspectorPro 4, itself a FileMaker 12 database
* Multi-user - host InspectorPro 4 on FileMaker Server to enable a team of developers to collaborate on database analysis (software license required for each developer)
* Now Available for Windows (and OS X) - analyze solutions from your FileMaker development platform of choice

About InspectorPro:
InspectorPro is the must-have developer tool for diagnosing, debugging and documenting FileMaker databases. InspectorPro works quickly to identify hard-to-find issues, compare database versions for changes, and identify all dependencies, unreferenced items and uses of any element in a solution. InspectorPro works by using a FileMaker Database Design Report (DDR) to generate a list of database problems that need addressing. InspectorPro proactively provides suggestions for developers to fix the generated list of database issues, and unique data visualizations enable developers to discover more about their FileMaker solutions.

Compatibility and System Requirements:
InspectorPro 4 works with FileMaker 12 databases and is available now for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

Donavan Chandler

Donovan joined the Beezwax team to enjoy its lively collaboration and challenging projects. In addition to leading development on client projects, Donovan is a primary contributor to Beezwax’s FOCUS database framework, blogger on the Beezwax Buzz, and chief developer of the TextMate Bundle for FileMaker.

With a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Donovan brings a strong understanding of organizational dynamics and the ability to solve complex problems. Development, for Donovan, is an endless pursuit of elegance. He thrives when making tasks simultaneously more effective and more simple. This is as true for organizations as it is for code.

To find many more in depth articles from Donavan and some must have tools and services from Beezwax visit their site at the link below:

Website: www.beezwax.net