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Develop Native iOS Apps That Integrate With FileMaker

Featured Develop Native iOS Apps That Integrate With FileMaker

Given FileMaker's recent announcements regarding possible deprecations, many FileMaker users have been searching for alternative tools. Xojo is a great solution for FileMaker users and it can integrate directly with your FileMaker apps too! Learn more with a FREE On Demand Webinar showing you ...

Xojo iOS

We'll show you how you can develop a native iOS application using Xojo that integrates with FileMaker.  Given the current landscape of the application world, more and more clients have been requesting mobile applications.  Grow your client base and expand your own knowledge by developing native iOS apps with Xojo.

FileMaker Go apps cannot be distributed in the App Store and they also require concurrent connections, which increase cost and decrease scalability. Using Xojo, you'll be able to create your own native iOS apps that can be featured in the App Store and then connect them to FileMaker using Custom Web Publishing.

You can:

  • Create Xojo Apps that connect to FileMaker Server that can run on Mac, Windows, Linux, or Web Server
  • Develop and sell Xojo iPhone and iPad apps on the App Store.
  • Offer Mac or Windows apps to create an "App Like" experience with FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Build Xojo Web Apps that can run on Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Xojo can get you there!  Watch this free webinar to learn how you can integrate Xojo into your current skillset! Tap or Click for your FREE On Demand Webinar.

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