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FileMaker Advent Calendar Best Practices and How To's

While it is customary in many work environments to give out presents as a gesture of gratitude, or as an affectionate thing among colleagues, there haven't been any real treats for us FileMaker developers.
Wouldn't this be kind of nice? We would like everyone to throw something in, that the others can enjoy and use. What would be better than to share little tricks and techniques which show what is possible on FileMaker?
Little things that some of us might not necessarily be familiar with yet.

So we thought we'd release a "FileMaker-Advent-calendar" this year, full of "Best Practice"s and "How To"s. By this, we mean previously unreleased contributions, that make the development in FileMaker easier, or which alleviate possible solutions to certain problems. This can be little tools or gimmicks that result from our many hours of working with the program. With two requirements: They must be free, and the codes for learning must be accessible for all.

We already have received some exciting contributions, but we definitely would like to achieve the 24 gifts we need for a proper Advent calendar. So at this point, we would like to ask you for some more submissions.

You can download an example-file under the following link. There you will also find further specifications about what we have in mind. You can also use the file for submitting your contribution.

If you have any further questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note: Just in case we get more than 24 submissions total, Christmas will be postponed until the last gift. In case we get less than 24, Christmas will be early!

Keefer Rogers

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