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FileMaker DevCon 2014 Calendar

Featured FileMaker DevCon 2014 Calendar
The 2014 FileMaker Developer Conference is coming up soon. FileMaker has done a nice job with their DevCon2Go scheduler that has a listing of all sessions and speakers, as well as some nice maps of the venue. If you have not downloaded your copy yet, you can get it here: http://www.filemaker.com/developers/devcon/
DevCon2Go is built with FileMaker 13, so if you don't have that either, you can download a trial by visiting their product page (http://www.filemaker.com/products/) and clicking on the "Try" button.
It is also built to be friendly to iPads and iPhones, making it handy to have on hand. If you do, download and install FileMaker Go 13 and install it on your iPad or iPhone to use DevCon2Go. FileMaker Go is free, then you can use iTunes to transfer the scheduler to your device, or you can email the file to yourself and open it from your favorite iOS device. 

Now for some fun...

I found that if you navigate to the Information layout, there's a button there to unlock the solution if you are interested in peeking under the hood of this file that FileMaker makes available. Just click the "unlock" button and then click on re-login. Now you are able to manage the database, view field definitions and relationships, as well as dig into scripts to see how they work.
Now, I tend to prefer a calendar view of date-based data. Just for fun, I added a calculation to the Schedule table to export data as an icalendar format file. Here's a preview of what the day view looks like...
This is purely for informational purposes. You can click the link below to subscribe to it here, and be able to view the Decon 2014 schedule using your favorite calendar application (iCal/Calendar, Google Calendar, etc).
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