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FileMaker Go and Barcode Scanning – A Workaround

Featured FileMaker Go and Barcode Scanning – A Workaround FileMaker Go and Barcode Scanning – A Workaround

We all know that there are differences when dealing with FileMaker Go vs. FileMaker on a desktop. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re grateful that FileMaker Go exists, but we have to admit it has caveats. But we’re resourceful developers, right? We will sit and try ti tackle any given problem, because that’s what out clients/bosses pay us for.

Most importantly, we cannot sleep until we figure the issues out because it just bothers us when we’re presented with a problem that we cannot find a solution for. We sell barcode scanners. We make sure all of our scanners work with FileMaker, and all of our Bluetooth scanners work with FileMaker Go (and, of course, Android and other devices that sport Bluetooth connectivity). So far so good, right? I’ve been getting complains that it’s impossible to scan into FileMaker Go. When things dont work like they’re supposed to out of the box.

The problem:

In FileMaker Pro you can script the scanning process to show a dialog that you scan into. This is great, because all the scanners you can program (which is usually the default anyway) to send a carriage return (enter) at the end of scanning. Which means that when the scanner is done scanning your code, the “Ok” button will be pressed automatically and your script can continue what it’s supposed to do, whether that is the bring up the dialog to scan another code or do some crazy magic and analyze data. You, however cannot achieve the same result in FileMaker Go, because you cannot get the cursor into the dialog. Now, we can ask questions like ‘why’ and spend hours and days cracking our heads open and even email FileMaker Inc. to see why this is not working. Or we can simply create a workaround.

The solution:

You can download a simple file that demonstrates how you can get around the problem. I used a field to scan into instead of the dialogue and two triggers so you can create records and keep on scanning. There’s one field and one button on this layout. Obviously, you will have to scrip the rest of your process.

Agnes Riley

Born in de-facto socialist Hungary, a computer was not something she grew up with. Back then, she was more interested in literature than technology. When she first came across a Mac, she was in her mid-20s. She held several positions in Hungary that had nothing to do with IT, but somehow always ended up solving computer-related issues. It was not until she came to New York that she had her first IT job.

The past 13 years revolved around systems, networking, graphic and web design and, later, more and more FileMaker development—what was once done as a hobby became a full-time profession. She is now a FileMaker certified developer (for FileMaker 10 and 11) who designs clean interfaces and develops user-friendly applications.

Website: www.zerobluetech.com