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FMPress - rapid development of web applications connected to FileMaker Pro databases.

Featured FMPress - rapid development of web applications connected to FileMaker Pro databases.

[ FileMakerToday.Com Press Release] Emic Corporation (whose headquarters is located in Suginami, Tokyo (Japan), https://www.emic.co.jp/ ), which operates a database server business, released a beta version of FMPress -- a service that enables the rapid development of web applications connected to FileMaker Pro databases.

FileMaker, developed by subsidiaries of Apple, is standard business software with 30 years of history and a large user base as a desktop database on PC and Mac. Its latest version is attracting renewed interest as a development platform of business mobile applications, as it runs natively in the iOS environment on the iPad and iPhone.

FMPress is a service, which can be used to easily create web applications that are connected to databases, by using the Database Design Report (DDR) file from FileMaker Pro Advanced. The created web application can be run on the hosting service “FMPlan12” provided by Emic, to utilize the FileMaker Pro database in many different ways.

FMPress will start to offer the beta version from August 2013 to the contract holders of FMPlan12. The release of the official version is planned to take place in November 2013, when the FileMaker Conference 2013 in Japan will be held, and the current hosting service “FMPlan12” is also scheduled to be renewed into “FMPress12” at the same time.

The price of FMPlan12 is 29,800 JPY (31,290 JPY including tax) per month as a dedicated server plan.

* Rapid development of web applications connected to FileMaker Pro database

By using the FileMaker products, information can be shared easily across multiple devices, and a practical system can be built without highly specialized knowledge.

Currently, the in-house development of web based systems using the latest technology is difficult with FileMaker products. This is because making modern web applications with Instant Web Publishing (IWP) of FileMaker products is quite impossible, when attempting to publish your data to the web. Furthermore, in the case of building web based systems using Custom Web Publishing (CWP) of FileMaker products, highly specialized knowledge is required.

FMPress fulfills the demands of users who wish to utilize the Custom Web Publishing of the FileMaker products, those who wish to create and run a custom web application immediately, and those with other such needs. By creating and running a web system that can browse and edit databases from outside the company using iOS and Android device, while managing the data in the company from a Windows or Mac desktop, users can utilize FileMaker Pro databases in a wide variety of environments.

The web application framework INTER-Mediator ( http://inter-mediator.info/ ), which is developed by Masayuki Nii and used in FMPress, has a wider scope for end users and designers to change or maintain the system, compared to generic frameworks. This means that it is easier to continue the in-house development of web based systems, which are compatible to the changes in the nature of the work, even with a limited budget for maintenance.

* Compatible with not only Windows and Mac, but also mobile browsers for iOS and Android.

FileMaker Pro, which is a leading, easy-to-use database software, is attracting renewed attention as an environment for easily creating and running iOS business applications. However, there is no provision of an Android version of FileMaker Go, which runs on the iPad and iPhone. Therefore there is demand for a way to use FileMaker Pro databases directly from Android devices.

Web applications created with FMPress can be used not only from Windows, Mac and iOS but also by connecting to the database on the server through a web browser for Android. In this way, the FileMaker Pro database, managed solely on the server, can be used with mobile devices, too.

Price and release dates

Contract holders of FMPlan12 can use the beta version of FMPress free of charge from August 2013. FMPress12, which is planned to be released officially in November is due to be offered at the same price as the currently available FMPlan12, which has a monthly charge of 29,800 JPY (31,290 JPY including tax).

Price of hosting service, FMPlan12 - Monthly usage fee: 29,800 JPY (31,290 JPY including tax)

Initial fees

  •  - Initial set up fee: free
  •  - FileMaker software: Uses the license owned by the customer. (A FileMaker product license, for operation on the server, is required)

Service Details

The details of the service are published on the website ( https://www.emic.co.jp/hosting/ ) .


The contents of the above may be changed without warning in order to improve the service


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