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FMT & 4D Open Invitation for all FileMaker Developers to 4D Summit - Apr 4-7 2016 Portland OR

Featured FMT & 4D Open Invitation for all FileMaker Developers to 4D Summit - Apr 4-7 2016 Portland OR

FMT Newswire San Jose, CA March 29, 2016: 4D, a company whose platform is used worldwide to develop and deploy powerful business applications is holding an international developer conference at the Portland Marriot, Downtown Waterfront Hotel between April 4th and April  7th.  

There will be an all-day 4D Jump-Start training class on Monday April 4th  designed for developers new to 4D.  Topics will include: foundational concepts, creating database structures, querying data, UI design and programming basics using approachable 4D commands. (http://summit.4d.com/us_en/training/)

“If you are looking for accessible but limitless database tools to manage complex client needs there is no quicker way to do it than attend the 4D Jump-Start training,” says 4D Technical Marketing Manager, Brian Young.

4D Summit 2016, includes more than 30 technical sessions and keynotes. FileMaker Developers interested in Jump-Start training will have access to these sessions by registering for as part of a bundle. (http://summit.4d.com).

About 4D Inc

A global leader in business software development solutions for over 30 years, 4D provides integrated platforms that simplify and speed up the development and deployment of Web, mobile, desktop, and client-server business applications. 4D solutions and development tools are used in more than 70 countries, count millions of end users and over 10,000 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). 4D is located near Paris, France and in San Jose,  California. For more information, please visit www.4D.com or call 1-408-557-4600.

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