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Google Maps and Geocoding FileMaker 13

Featured Google Maps and Geocoding FileMaker 13

Hello All, I am new here to the FileMaker Today forums and I wanted to share something I just wrote a blog on...I just posted a blog today regarding customized Google Maps in FileMaker using Google Maps API v3. With this method, you can customize the maps in just about any way that Google can produce them. Way more flexible than the built int functionality. This code could be altered to achieve what you are looking for if you know how to modify Google's API javascript parameters (should be easy peasy). Check out the link here to read the basic tutorial http://bitly.com/1h5pRj8. At the end of the article I have included a FileMaker 13 Solution file along with the necessary PHP file to accomplish this. I sure hope this helps set you in the right direction on getting really slick Google maps in FileMaker. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy coding!

Keefer Rogers

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