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Happy Holidays - FREE FileMaker Best Practices and How To's Advent Calendar

Featured Happy Holidays - FREE FileMaker Best Practices and How To's Advent Calendar

Dear fellow FileMakers, some of you celebrated Thanksgiving recently, some of you will be celebrating Christmas pretty soon and some of you may not celebrate anything at all. But besides all this, looking back once a year is a good chance to sum up where you stand, now and then. And for being thankful for what you've got and what you have accomplished over the year.

When I started to sum up the last 12 months, the first thing which came to my mind was the PauseOnError Berlin, or better put: the experiences I made, and the spirit that evolved by sharing high levels of ideas and knowledge. And this lead to the idea of continuing to doing so, not only once a year. during a PauseOnError event.
And what better way do we have at this time of year, than to use the good ol' christian Advent Calendar to do so and share Tools and "Best Practices"?
I announced this project a little while ago. Some of you caught on to the idea behind it and, despite your heavy workloads, submitted things, that you found to be of value for the whole community.

So today, and just in time, I am able to announce the very first (but hopefully not last!)

"The FileMaker Advent Calendar"

Starting at December 1, in the spirit of "for us - and by us", we will be offering new tools every day.
At http://www.filemaker-mentoring.com/xmas2013 you will find "best practices" and resources you can have some fun with and maybe learn a thing or two. Enjoy!
And if you also have something to share, please drop us a line!

At this point, I would like to thank all of the submitters: Your effort will be made worth while you're at the next PauseOnError in Berlin.
And last but not least, Christo and Fred from Excelisys, whom without, the calendar would have looked entirely different; and admittedly: probably not as good. Thank you guys!

Keefer Rogers

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