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Introducing FMWebFrame

Featured Introducing FMWebFrame

FMWebFrame extends the FileMaker API for PHP, making it easier to develop advanced Web solutions that integrate with FileMaker databases.

With FMWebFrame, you can:

  • Query a FileMaker database using a SQL SELECT statement.
  • Perform Google-like finds using FileMaker's Quick Find function.
  • Easily publish the contents of container fields.
  • Upload a file to a container field (without plugins).
  • Cache find results (and other objects) to improve performance.
  • Develop PHP code using your knowledge of FileMaker (using a library of FileMaker-to-PHP translation functions).

FMWebFrame is easy to install and configure, and supports databases that are hosted using FileMaker Server 12 and 13. Perhaps best of all, it's available free-of-charge.

Click or touch here to see FMWebFrame in action, to learn more about the project, and to download the latest version.