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Jarvis The Ultimate FileMaker Quickstart Template is Here

Featured Jarvis The Ultimate FileMaker Quickstart Template is Here

The Scarpetta Group, Inc. observed trends in what their clients wanted from their database systems. They found themselves repeatedly creating similar solutions, so they decided to create one product, Jarvis CRM. It was designed to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of clients, and be easy to customize. The functionality and new features of FileMaker Pro 13 allowed The Scarpetta Group to create a clean user interface design for Jarvis CRM, as well as all the necessary components to make a great CRM.


  • User Dashboard: Sleek user interface, Complete overview of responsibilities, Call management, Open quotes and invoices to stay on top of workflow and timely payments
  • Administration: Customizable navigation, Multi-level security features
  • Project Overview: Fully integrated project management, Manage and track progress on projects with milestone progress meters and tasks related to milestones
  • Inventory Tracking: Manage your product and/or service offerings, View product inventory in real-time, Reminder alerts when stock is low and it is time to re-stock
  • Call Management: Monitor new and prospective accounts, Log phone calls and other communications, such as email, Viewable on User Dashboard
  • Quoting: Build quotes from managed products or services, Convert quote to an invoice after customer places the order
  • Invoicing and Payments: Easily create ad hoc invoices, Create an invoice from a quote, Enter payment information, Easily integrated to payment solutions
  • Purchase Orders: Create, view, print and email purchase orders for your vendors


Jarvis Small Biz — $599

1 User

*$125 for Each Additional User


1 Site

Jarvis Professional — $2,895

Unlimited Users


1 Site

Jarvis Developer — $4,950

A developer starting point for a single solution integration


1 Site







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Ask about how we can customize Jarvis to your business.

*FileMaker Software Not included. Let us assist with your specific licensing needs.

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The Scarpetta Group

The Scarpetta Group, Inc. is a Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance Member, specializing in custom FileMaker solutions for desktop, iOS and web. Our expertise is understanding our clients’ needs and translating their requirements into successful software solutions that enhance their business, improve efficiency and streamline workflows. We accomplish this through years of project management, diverse skill sets and industry experience.

Whereas many development firms handle only FileMaker development, we leverage our web development strengths and vast knowledge of bringing FileMaker to the web to set us apart. With more than 15 years of experience, The Scarpetta Group has completed countless projects for small businesses to international Fortune 500 companies. These projects have ranged from single iPad applications using FileMaker Go to 100+ user management systems, CRMs, Content Management Systems, Custom PHP APIs and complex web applications.

In the last five years, The Scarpetta Group has grown from a single employee and a team of subcontractors to five full time developers and a team of subcontractors. In 2013 The Scarpetta Group began hosting a FileMaker Pro User Group that has proven to be very successful and considered to be one of the larger user groups in the Southeast.

No matter what data challenges your company faces, The Scarpetta Group has the expertise to lead you in the right direction with your data management and get your company on the road to efficiency. Contact us today.

Website: scarpettagroup.com