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Long Time FileMaker Developer Launches New App on the App Store

Featured Long Time FileMaker Developer Launches New App on the App Store

FileMaker developer and Code-X creator Tony Tanevski of Hi-Voltage Corporations in Melbourne, Australia decided it was time to take the leap into the world of iOS apps and is proud to introduce his first app on the App Store...

The FREE app is called Random-Apps..."It's an app that lets you discover other cool iPhone apps. We have filtered the entire App Store of 2 million apps to only show the best, top rated, high quality apps. We're listing hundreds of thousands of apps. The App Store does a great job of promoting new cool apps, but you only see a handful of apps. There are hundreds of thousands of other cool apps that you'll probably never see. That's where our app can help. It lets people discover new apps. The apps are presented randomly - which means there is no bias towards developers with deep pockets."

The problem with the App Store these days is the developers with the biggest bank balance gets the most attention. Random-Apps levels the playing field and lets people discover cool apps no matter who the developer is. Maybe in the not too distant future, we'll be looking at FileMaker Random Apps on the App Store!

The app is iPhone only for now, however an iPad version is planned.

Our app has its own website:


The app can be downloaded from the App Store here:


Also, Random-Apps has a HeadTalker campaign running, which people can support. HeadTalker is a crowdspeaking tool, similar to crowdsourcing where people can share content via different social platforms and when a certain goal is reached the message gets delivered - the idea is to help campaigns go viral. Random-Apps already has a social reach of 950,000 people - the more the merrier so head on over to their HeadTalker campaign and help support it.

The HeadTalker campaign is here:






If you would like to talk to Tony in depth about apps or need his help building your own and getting it on the App Store...visit his company website and contact him from there... http://www.hi-voltage.com.au .

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