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NEW! FileMaker 12 Developer Reference Book - Free Excerpt

We are pleased to offer “Part V: FileMaker Go” from our book FileMaker 12 Developer Reference: Functions, Scripts, Commands, and Grammars as a free PDF. These two chapters explain how FileMaker Go works on iPhones and iPads, and shares how your company can benefit from extending your FileMaker Pro databases to mobile devices.

Get the free chapters here.

The FileMaker 12 Developer Reference was authored by CEO Bob Bowers, Senior Technical Project Lead Dawn Heady, CTO Steve Lane, and COO Scott Love. Published by Que Publishing and available on Amazon.com the book is one of the best-rated available for FileMaker.

Part 5 of the FileMaker 12 Developer Reference is split into two chapters: The first section outlines the specifications of FileMaker Go and highlights how it interoperates with FileMaker Pro.  The next section delves into design considerations for optimizing performance and usability for systems refined for iPhones and iPads.

Get the free PDF excerpt of the FileMaker 12 Developer Reference now.

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Soliant Consulting

Soliant Consulting employs the largest FileMaker development team in the world. We have a deep bench of talent starting with our CEO, Bob Bowers: he's co-authored seven books, led the team that has written six editions of the Authorized Training Series for FileMaker, Inc., spoken at more than a dozen FileMaker Developer Conferences, and has taught literally thousands of students spanning two decades of leadership in the field. Certified Expertise Soliant's team is certified in every version of FileMaker Pro and are specialists in building high-performance databases, hybrid web-FileMaker applications, integrations with a range of technologies including SQL, and conversions from prior versions. We work with your solution as is or can build from scratch. Find out how we can take your FileMaker databases to the next level.

Website: www.soliantconsulting.com/filemaker