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New! FileMaker Adapter for Sails / Waterline

Featured New! FileMaker Adapter for Sails / Waterline

New! FileMaker Adapter for Sails / Waterline provides easy access to FileMaker Databases hosted on a FileMaker Server. FileMaker's Custom Web Publishing uses Layouts to access the underlying tables. So Sails models for filemaker connect to Layouts not Tables. Layouts are sort of like views in that they specify a table, and a set of fields. They can even specify a set of related records and fields. But they do not specify queries.

This adapter follows the Sails convention of using the file name to derive the layout name. So a User.js model file will connect to a User layout in FileMaker. If you want to use a different name for your layout, you can set the "tableName" property on the model.

For example

tableName : 'webContacts'

Would tell the model to connect to a layout named "webContacts", regardless of it's file name.

This is useful for FileMaker, since it is a common practice to use naming conventions to denote layouts that are only used for web access.

Check out Connections in the Sails docs, or see the config/connections.js file in a new Sails project for information on setting up adapters.

Visit the hub to download and learn more!

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