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Philly FileMaker Please Join Us January 23: To Sync or Not to Sync

Distributing your data across multiple servers and clients is a really bad idea unless it’s a really good idea. In this session we will explore why you might want to distribute and sync your data, the downside, the upside and what you can expect if you choose this path using the SyncDeK product from Linear Blue. While there are risks and challenges, in the right business this solution can be magical.

About the Presenter 

Eric Morrison is the Director of IT and the primary in-house FileMaker Developer for Insigniam, a Management Consulting firm with offices in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong. Eric began developing in Excel and moved to Nashoba’s FileMaker 4 shortly thereafter. After a long hiatus from serious FileMaker Development, in 2010 Eric once again became a full-time FileMaker Developer as Insigniam decided to develop a system to run its business based on the FileMaker Platform. The system is fully operational and in daily use throughout the world with data being replicated across the entire network using SyncDeK.

About the Philadelphia FileMaker User Group

The Philadelphia FileMaker User Group was founded in 2004 as an initiative by FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member IT Solutions Consulting.  The group’s goal is to provide an open forum for FileMaker developers and those interested in FileMaker to meet, brainstorm and network.

We hold meetings the 4th Thursday of every month at 6PM, in the office of IT Solutions Consulting, Inc., at 414 Commerce Drive, Suite 150, Fort Washington PA.

Meetings are open to all, regardless of background and there’s no charge to attend. Click or Toch here for more