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Second in the series of eBooks - FileMaker teaches Custom App Design 2.0

Featured Second in the series of eBooks - FileMaker teaches Custom App Design 2.0

The series started with Plan, and has now moved on to Create (registration required). Will it turn you into a FileMaker developer? No. But it does provide an excellent guide to the concepts, and it points to further reading in another free ebook from FileMaker, FileMaker Training Series: Basics. It will also help you understand the things that FileMaker is suited to.

And if you decide not to press ahead with your project alone, you'll be much better placed to talk to a FileMaker developer about what you need.

Ann Monroe, vice president, marketing, FileMaker, Inc., said: "Custom apps are quick and easy to build and deploy, and the potential cost savings is huge," said FileMaker vice president of marketing Ann Monroe.

"Teams already have a lot of subject-matter expertise, but they may not know how to translate that knowledge into a custom app. That's why we've developed a new set of guides to demystify the process and guide our customers through the planning, creation and deployment of custom apps." 

The third volume, which is yet to be published, will deal with deployment issues.

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