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SmartPill PHP for FileMaker

Featured SmartPill PHP for FileMaker

Have you ever wanted to create your own plug-in? With SmartPill 2, you can now load your own plug-in functions that will show up in FileMaker’s calculation dialog just like any other plug-in. You can create your own functions or use functions supplied by Scodigo or other developers. We currently offer the following PHPx function packages:

  • File functions for reading and writing file on disk
  • HTTP functions for communicating with web servers (includes functions for GET, POST and supports SSL)
  • FTP functions
  • Script triggering functions
  • Encryption function


Be sure to check out the “FunctionMaker” application that’s included in the download.

Prompt users for file and folder locations using native OS dialogs

You can now prompt the user for the location of a file or folder or the location where they would like to save a file. You get to choose the default starting location, you can filter the types of files available for selection and you get to personalize the dialog with your own message. Here are a couple of the things you might do:

  • Ask the user to choose a file or folder for FTP upload
  • Ask the user where to save a file that’s been downloaded from a web site


Display progress bars while performing functions

Now when you’re uploading a folder full of files or downloading a report or communicating with a web service, you can let the user know what’s going on. The new progress bar functions allow you to display regular or “barber pole” style progress bars. You get to choose the message, the location on screen and you can even display multiple progress bars when needed.

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