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The FileMaker Calendar You’ve Always Wanted is Here

Featured The FileMaker Calendar You’ve Always Wanted is Here

The best calendar for FileMaker...just got better! The next version of SeedCode Calendar moves the calendar’s complexity out of layouts and into the WebViewer, creating a calendar that’s faster, and much easier to paste into your files. This also lets the calendar take advantage of sexy behaviors and animations that were previously out of reach for FileMaker developers.

Our goals for the new calendar are pretty ambitious:

  • Beginners should be able to add this to their own file in less than 10 minutes
  • Feature a no-compromises, contemporary interface that’s easily skinned using CSS
  • Let you edit events in the WebViewer interface or jump out to your own layouts
  • Update the calendar with new features in place–without you needing to re-integrate
  • At least twice as fast as our current calendar
  • No plugins and won’t require FileMaker Server
  • Language and international date/time formats detected and respected on startup

We invite you to download a very early build and let us know what you think. We need your input to guide the calendar’s roadmap.


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