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The Filemaker Marketing Game

Over the years folks have made various marketing gambits at DevCon in an attempt to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack in some way, with a lot of creativity (Talking fish and wasn’t there a go-cart or something?).

The Scarpetta Group’s opening effort in this category of marketing, The Game, is ambitious and clever.  It’s basically a FileMaker Go based competition/questionnaire/geocaching treasure hunt with social media tie ins and real world interactions.

From a programming standpoint The Game makes use of iOS based Go specific features and so demonstrates the power of Go in a real world use case at a convention where Go features very prominently – so it’s an effective marketing tool in that sense.  But it also encourages real world interaction between players of The Game and the makers of the The Game – which has a lot of promise for building the kind of rich interactions with people that we all hope for when we come to these things.  In that way it works very differently from a Vendor booth, where the interactions are many, light and – more often than not – non-repeating.  That’s why I think as marketing gambits go, this is a pretty neat idea.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.42.18 PM

Players are provided with a way to download a link which sets up a provisioning profile on their iOS device – the end result being an icon on their Home screen that, when pressed, opens Go and launches a hosted Game file.  They then create an account and log in.

Players accumulate points which act as “tickets” which earn them chances for a set of prizes including:

  • (1) 32gb iPad mini wi-fi with 1 year device insurance from Mobile Rhino
  • (1) Apple TV 3
  • Certificates for FileMaker Coaching Services
  • T-Shirts, goodies and other random prizes.

You don’t have to play to win – you can enter by logging in or going to the Scarpetta booth – but your chances increase the more you interact with The Game.  What you do have to do to win is be present for the drawing – and the location of the drawing is revealed over time during your interaction with The Game.

Joe Scarpetta, his brother James Scarpetta and Jeremy Bante designed and built the application.  The Scarpetta Group is based in South Carolina.  They’ve also launched a FileMaker User Group that meets in Simpsonville SC, so if you’re in the area look them up: scarpettagroup.com/user-group/

It’ll be interesting to see how The Game plays out.

Keefer Rogers

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