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Save up to 25% The SeedCode year end sale starts now

Featured Save up to 25% The SeedCode year end sale starts now

Every christmas FMT teams up with Seedcode to bring you big holiday savings. Look for your chance to win a copy of the SeedCode Calendar and enjoy these great savings on select Seedcode products. The SeedCode  year end sale starts now and runs through Dec 31, offering up to 25% off on FileMaker templates to make our lives as developers a little easier. =)

Included in the sale is the new SeedCode Complete--our template for starting new solutions in FileMaker. Completely rewritten (ie simplified) for FileMaker 13 and tuned for WebDirect (meaning it's really fast in Pro).

Also on sale is the new, faster SeedCode Calendar named DayBack. The trial version is unlocked so you can get inside, see how this works, and link it to your own files.

Current users of both products can upgrade to the new versions at a discount (and those upgrades are also on sale).

We hope this lets you quickly add a lot of value to your customers' solutions--and save some money doing it.

Sincerely your,


John Sindelar
CEO SeedCode


SeedCode is the leading extensions developer for FileMaker Pro, the cross platform database and app creation environment from Apple. Our software enables developers to make more efficient and powerful apps for iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

Website: www.seedcode.com/