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Top 10 Things to Think About When Designing for iOS

On September 17, 2013, FileMaker, Inc. hosted the "Top 10 Things to Think About When Designing for iOS" web seminar. If you missed all or portions of this session, we invite you to watch this recording at your convenience.

With FileMaker Go, you can take your existing FileMaker solutions with you on your iPad or iPhone without major modifications. But just like when designing a website for mobile devices, there are several things to keep in mind when building a solution for FileMaker Go. Learn the key, yet simple, design considerations that will help you build solutions that truly feel like they were built for your iPad and iPhone. We'll set guidelines for objects' appearances and sizes, streamline data entry when using touch interfaces, and prevent unwanted zooming. And we'll look at some best practices for working with the unique features of iOS devices, such as screen sizes and rotation, virtual keyboards, and the Home button.

Watch this one-hour presentation with Chad Novotny from 12ti Studios, and Jason Fiske from
FileMaker, Inc.

60 minutes

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