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Hello StylO - Take Control of your FileMaker Themes

Featured Hello StylO - Take Control of your FileMaker Themes

Stylo, gives you complete details on every element of  your FileMaker theme and for me is a definate must have FileMaker developer tool. Many thanks to Bob Shockey and everyone at The Alchemy Group for a kick ass FileMaker Design Control Tool!!!

FileMaker Styles and Themes are one of the most powerful new features in FileMaker Pro 13. But how can you ensure that your theme is consistent? How do you know all those corner bevels will be the same? What about the colors used across multiple objects? How can you pre-visualize an object across all states, side-by-side without constantly flipping through the “State” menu on the Inspector’s Appearance tab?

StylŌ can help. StylŌ gives you an environment where you can use familiar tools, much like those in FileMaker, to design the look and feel of your theme. Using CSS to display your style changes in real time, StylŌ effortlessly produces an overview report that gives you a deep look into the overall consistency of your design. StylŌ also gives you a “changes only” report that makes it easier to style objects in FileMaker Pro. A few screens:


Here’s where it all begins. Start a new theme and download the pre-loaded object set. A “Default” style is created automatically for each object. You can add as many theme records as you want.


 Next, select the “Default” style or create a new one.


Using a familiar interface, watch as each attribute you change is reflected automatically for each state. See each state side-by-side. A running summary is also created, reflecting all of your unique styling. 


It all starts to make sense in the Overview Report. Here, you can see everything about your theme, in one aggregated report. Easily compare object styling for consistency. Are those corner bevels all the same? What about those hex color values? You can see all the answers here. 



Want to use this to build your actual styles in FMP? Print the detail report to show you only the items that you need to change.


StylŌ is provided free of charge. Think you can make it better? While not technically an open-source project, we welcome your ideas and the application of your skills. Send us your mods and we will try to incorporate them into the main build (no promises).

Keep in mind that this is a free product. I have created it as a service to the FileMaker community, and it carries no warranty or guarantee. As such, it is an incomplete product. There is a lot more that can be done with it, given the time. Please feel free to report bugs and provide feedback to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Future of StylŌ

A few ideas we are toying with:

  • Copies of all of the standard themes built into FileMaker, styled in StylŌ.
  • More reports to give you even more insights into your theme
  • New custom themes built into StylŌ, with accompanying, importable themes in FileMaker files.

Things that are probably not on the horizon for StylŌ:

  • Creating themes and then somehow inserting them into a FileMaker file (danger, Will Robinson!).
  • A chain of StylŌ-themed restaurants.


Version History:

v.1.0.1 – 7/25/14

Keefer Rogers

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