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FileMaker Pro Server – Setting up a Dropbox Backup Copy of Your Databases

[FMT Aggregate Link] Setting up FileMaker Pro Server on a new Mac Mini, running OS X Mavericks, I wanted to add a Scheduled Backup of the Server databases to go to a Dropbox folder. The idea was to add another level of backup that was offsite in the event of fire or theft of the server hardware.

Problems with Backup Path Validity in FileMaker Server 13


In the FileMaker Server Admin Console,

1) Click on Schedules
2) Add a new schedule by clicking the small calendar icon
3) Select your databases to back up, then click ‘Next’.
4) The second screen you will see is where you set the path to where you want the databases saved. In this case, I am aiming for a folder called ‘FileMaker-Database-Backup’ inside of Dropbox.
5) Enter the Backup Folder Path
6) Click Validate
7) Check Status — It should read ‘Valid Path’

Instead, my Status read “Not a Valid Path”.

Read more http://hbase.net/2014/06/30/filemaker-pro-server-setting-up-a-dropbox-backup-copy-of-your-databases/

Douglas Alder

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