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Guy Stevens

Guy Stevens

Guy is part of the new breed of FileMaker writers. Let's call him a video author "one of the best" and a Filemaker professional. Guy is without a doubt one the up and coming to be followed FileMaker Developers. He has become one of our favorites. Some really great techniques for FileMaker users of any level.

You can follow all of Guy's material on his YouTube channel listed below.

Website URL: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dasaint1982

How to Build a Complete FileMaker Time Registration Solution for Freelancers

This is a preview for a Vid Tut on Udemy by Guy Stevens and is one that we highly recommend. The tutorial details the creation of a full and complete FileMaker solution for Freelancers who want to manage the jobs they do for multiple employers.

How to make a Filemaker Pro - Image Grid

Here is a really cool tut from Guy Stevens on how to do an image grid in FileMaker. It's a little bit tricky to put images in a grid in Filemaker Pro. But with some trickery and by using some Filemaker Functions we can figure something out that's quite clean and easy to make.

Filemaker Pro How To - Multiple Levels of dropdowns

Grab some popcorn, this one is almost an hour long! The example is a classification system like the Dewey Decimal System where you have multiple classes, divisions and sections in multiple levels. The idea is to be able to select one from the top level and then to be able to select only related items in the second dropdown. And this for multiple levels.

Filemaker 14 Video - How to Make a Sub Summary Report

Here is the latest from Guy Stevens... in this video Guy shows you how to create reports that summarize data so you can get an overview of expenses, income etc. You can make your reports very flexible so you can dynamically sort to get different types of reports.

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