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Cris Ippolite is the founder and president of iSolutions, Inc., a Los Angeles-based custom software and web design firm. Cris is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Certified Developer, as well as an Authorized FileMaker Professional Trainer and one of 50 partner-level FileMaker Solution Alliance members in the world. He also has been a regular speaker at several technology conferences, including Flashforward, FileMaker Developer Conference, and Macworld. Cris has managed the entire FileMaker Certification Training Track at the FileMaker Developer Conference for the last three years running. For more information on Cris and his live training courses, visit him at www.isolutionstraining.com.

To find many more in depth articles from Cris and get hands on traing from the Best visit his site at the link below:

Website URL: http://www.isolutionstraining.com/

FMP URL Schemes Filemaker 13

FMP URLs can directly call FileMaker scripts and pass parameters and script variables to them in real time. This means that a Web Viewer on a FileMaker layout can make a “round trip” to communicate with your database, just like built-in layout controls you are comfortable with.

FREE 7 Day Trial of Lynda.Com & Cris Ippolite's FileMaker 13 Essential Training

Learn how to design and build a smart, secure database with FileMaker Pro 13—the database solution used in both home offices and Fortune 500 companies. Cris Ippolite, drawing on years of experience with clients at his own development firm, walks through the essential FileMaker Pro skills, from creating tables and managing fields to designing layouts that display your data. He’ll show you how to find and sort data, create reports, import and export data, write scripts, diagram relationships, and more. Start now and start building your first database from scratch.

FileMaker 12 Training with iSolutions' Cris Ippolite

FMT's Favorite FileMaker video training expert Cris Ippolite has released two new online courses for FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Go. His course FileMaker Pro 12 In Depth walks developers through securing and sharing databases as well as creating advanced scripts, calculations and reports. For the everyday user, FileMaker usage on iOS mobile devices and tablets is explored in Up and Running with FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Go and HTML5

Back in 2000, iSolutions was the first firm to create solutions that integrated FileMaker databases with Flash interfaces. At first, we used this combination of technologies to provide interactive, data driven web sites that were powered by FileMaker. We used technologies like CDML and FileMaker’s old Web Companion plug into make FileMaker data come to life as animations on the web.

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