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    How to use a barcode reader for data entry and script control in IWP ?

    I built a database for production data and we use barcode readers to login the user, enter data, move to different layouts and logout again. The DB runs on FMS 12 and we have FM12 as clients on all PCs. I use script triggers to process the reader entries.
    Now I would like to add a few clients using Instant Web Publishing and realize that script triggers won't work.
    Has anybody been working with barcode reader entries via web pages?
    Thank you very much in advance.
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    SOME script trigger do work in IWP - the problem is the stateless connection of web browser. No traffic goes back to the server to validate actions, UNTIL the screen layout changes. That layout change reflects a round trip to the server.

    So if you have a design where there would be a way to use OnLayoutEnter, or any of the other layout level triggers, these are functional.

    A kludgy alternative might be a button to send the entry to a specific field, and another button to get leave the field - in effect, a manual script trigger.

    Alternatively, FMWebSchool, offers FMStudio & pro, which offer live fields from web pages, albeit it with CWP and Dreamweaver, not IWP. I don't know much about it beyond that, but it might be a path to get your solution working.

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