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    Privilege control for certain records

    I am a FMP newbie and have made a contacts database for following up sales leads. I have created a field on each record which names the salesman responsible for following up that lead/contact. I want to be able to create a privilege or permission to allow each salesman (with their own unique login) to only view/edit the records which I have named as theirs and not be able to access other salesman's leads at all. I realise this may be complex but a few pointer/ideas would be gratefully received. So far I have not been able to spot any way of restricting certain records to specific users but allowing the administrator to view all. Thank you
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    Re: Privilege control for certain records

    You do it in privilege sets, under Manage ——> Security.

    Create a custom privilege set and then Edit it. Under the records dropdown where it defaults to "Create, edit, and delete in all tables", select Custom Privileges. Then pick your table in the list of tables. Go to the View dropdown, which should default to "Yes" and change it to Limited. It will prompt you to enter a formula. Put this (or equivalent, using your actual field name):

    Get (AccountName) = SalesmanResponsible

    Then assign all salespeople's accounts to that privilege set.

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