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    Inventory Starter Solutions

    I am setting up an inventory database and using the Inventory Starter Solutions Template. I have all our products that we purchase in but when I update the order date with a new price I am not seeing where it keeps the past information. Will it keep a history of the items ordered in another table? Is there a way I can have it save the pass orders in another table and have the most current only be in the main table? I would like to be able to see a history of the items and also be able to get a year-to-date cost of items ordered. Thanks
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    Re: Inventory Starter Solutions

    This is one of those occasions where you do not want to use the power of a relational database by having the price only in the inventory table (for each product) related to the invoice. Invoicing solutions need to have the price stored in the invoice table so that price increases do not ripple back through old (and paid) invoices / statements.

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