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    Post to URL script help please

    I would like a script that automatically copies and submits data from my "Postcode" field in my "Data" table in filemaker to the Postcode field in the following url http://www.2010.voa.gov.uk/rli/en/advanced so that it will return the results in the web viewer, which is located in the same layout automatically, as I switch between records.

    Can you please help me? I have no experience at all in Script writing for Filemaker.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Re: Post to URL script help please

    That may not be possible. If it IS possible it will be due to the www.2010.voa.gov.uk web site accepting field data appended to the URL such as http://www.2010.voa.gov.uk/rli/en/advanced?postcode=10017

    Can you give me a valid postcode to try? I'm not from the UK and I only know US postal (zip) codes and that web site does not like those.

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