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    Remove space between records

    How can I remove space between two records,Please help me regarding this............
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    What do you mean by "space between two RECORDS"?

    There is no "in between" for anything, space or otherwise, to be in, between Filemaker records. The phrase makes no more sense than "space between two CALENDAR DATES".

    Do you perhaps mean one of the following things instead?:

    • you have an empty record between two non-empty records?

    • you have an empty portal row (which again would be an empty record, probably) between two non-empty portal rows?

    • in Preview Mode or on a printout you're getting a bunch of white space between the bottom (visible) bit of one record and where the next record (visibly) begins?

    • In a List View, there's a huge expanse of white space between where each record ends and the next starts?

    • On a Table View each row is a lot taller than it needs to be, so the cells are mostly empty, leaving lots of white space between records?

    • you have an empty repetition between non-empty repetitions of a repeating field?

    Please re-ask your question and try to be as specific as possible. Your profile says you are an Intermediate level user. Describe your situation, please; use your words!

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