We have a database solution that is basically an accounting solution.* We have a transaction table that stores all the transactions.* This table contains millions of records.

We have been dealing with speed issues for a few years where when we run reports, since it is such a large set of records, the reports take hours to complete.* the Transaction table contains no unstored fields, but just the sheer size of the table makes the reporting a bear.

We have tried storing the calculated values overnight so that the users don't have to wait for the reports to run, but sadly the stored values occasionally become inaccurate and cause obvious issues.* the transaction table is always accurate, but the stored values many times are not.* After years of dealing with this and adjusting code to try and eliminate this issue.* We are thinking the best solution is to find a system that can handle the immense table and reporting ... to use FileMaker as a front-end for the users, but some other system (SQL or Python or ???) for quick calculations / reporting.

The problem is not going away and in fact is getting worse as more and more records get added on a daily basis.

I feel like we can keep bandaiding the solution, but the real long-term solution is to realize that maybe we have outgrown FileMaker's capabilities and move the data storage and calculations to a different platform.
Am hoping to have some others shed some light on similar situations they have run into and what solutions I should consider to solve this frustrating issue.

thank you in advance!
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