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Thread: User Input

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    User Input

    Hello All,

    I think this is fairly simple, but I have not had to approach this before... I want to ask a user if he wants to crate a record for a new project or one for an existing project. Would a custom dialog be a good way to do this? I am a little off base with this as it only allows the user to push buttons as a response. So how do I get the value for the new project phase from the user? Or is there a better way to approach getting this input?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you can describe the workflow for the user, more help could come.
    I think a better workflow might be in order. A new record, for a new project should probably come from a different layout than a new record for an existing project. IOW, the user should be 'in' the existing project, to create what I think would be some sort of child record. Whereas, the user should be creating a new project, before they could create the new child record.
    I of course could be way off in what you're trying to accomplish.

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