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    create a license code

    Hello everyone,
    I am creating a management and I want to protect it with a license key to make sure that it can not be copied and reused by others without my consent or without pay for the software. In filemaker i can do it? i have to use some plugins or need to create some script about?
    thank you

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    a) Use FileMaker Advanced to rip out full access privileges from each and every copy you sell or distribute

    b) Either just before doing so, or as part of a registration process (more on this below), store personalization info into fields that will print on printable forms and display on data entry and management console screens. This will deter many folks who would otherwise "borrow" a copy of software from a colleague. For a bit more security, store a boatload of system variables — Get (SystemNICAddress) and documentspath and so on — during the registration process and have the login script throw an error message if it doesn't match, and require a phone call and a new registration code to be entered in order to store the changed info.

    c) Registration process — you can have your system produce a code on-the-fly and display it in one format (e.g. converted to hexadecimal or keystrokes represented as codes) and they read that to you on the phone; you have a local db that converts what they say to the native format which they type in to authenticate, and it stores personalization info and the beforementioned boatload of system variables for later comparison. During the phone call they should be required to read off to you a serial number or some such thing that came with their license. That keeps more than one person from obtaining a reg code from you.

    d) The next step us is probably a hardware dongle + plugin. A pirate at that point would be forced to hack the dongle and then create physical replicas of it (or a software hack that makes the system behave as if there were a physical dongle present).

    None of this is perfect; nothing ever is. An unhackable system doesn't exist. You shoot for sufficient deterrent and complexity to discourage a casual piracy attempt.

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